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Our Services

Our services include:

  • Project management

  • Mechanical, process electrical, structural and civil design and construction

  • Materials handling systems, slurry, froth, chemical and water pumping systems, compressed air system, process and non-process infrastructure 

  • Water storage systems, water dams, water pumping systems, waste water treatment facilities and de-watering systems

  • Dangerous goods (chemicals/gas) storage and handling facilities 

  • Bio gas facilities

  • Procurement management

  • Feasibility studies and concept designs

  • Plant assessments, root cause analysis and reliability solutions (incl FMECA)

  • Maintenance & Spares optimization and maintenance strategies

  • Provision of technical and engineering resources 

  • Risk assessments

  • 3D modeling and 2D drafting

  • Supply of mechanical equipment, piping, valves & accessories and instrumentation & controls as per client requirements

  • Custom-made residential and commercial buildings including warehouses (cyclone rated where required)


 We provide full management of projects through stakeholder involvement, design, procurement, construction and commissioning, operations and maintenance manuals, and full training of operational and maintenance  personnel on site.

Our Design services include studies, conecept designs, include preliminary engineering, layouts, detail design, procurement, costing and work packs for new or additional plants.


Our Reliability services include assessment of systems, root cause analysis (RCA), Failure Mode & Criticality Effect Analysis (FMECA),spares optimization, redesigning of existing systems to make it safer, efficient, reliable and less expensive to maintain and on-site operational & maintenance support.


Peer Engineering Services can provide process, mechanical, electrical and structural/civil consulting engineering resources to suit the work at pre-negotiated rates that will be very best in the market or can work with the client’s own process, electrical and structural engineers to work out solutions.


All work will be performed to current industry best practice and to client specifications. As a minimum, all work will be done to meet the requirements of local government Acts and Regulations, Australian standards, and American API650 and 620 standards. Where Australian Standards are not available, equivalent International standards will be used.

Cost Reduction


Peer Engineering Services strives to provide better value for money. To realise cost reductions, Peer Engineering has targeted six areas:


  • Reducing overhead costs,

  • Charging sustainable rates for our services,

  • Up to zero mark-ups  for supply of equipment from major manufacturers and suppliers.

  • Continuing negotiations with professionals in the industry for best rates for their services,

  • Smart contracting,

  • Streamlining engineering and

  • Strict adherence to schedule and budget.


Through smart contracting and sub-contracting, Peer Engineering brings together required engineering peers just and only when needed, without carrying overheads. Using this business strategy, it has been able to achieve marked reduction in the cost of engineering services without compromising quality.


Cost reduction also comes through streamlining the way engineering is conducted and strict adherence to schedule and budgets.


Peer Engineering Services is committed to getting better rates for its clients through ongoing negotiations with existing partners and other service providers in the industry.


Our Capability & Competitiveness


Our capability and competitiveness comes from the following:


  • Proven experience in the delivery of  works (plants, camps, infrastructure, dewatering etc. and on-going operational and maintenance requirements).

  • Experience and understanding of the requirements and cultural sensitivities on projects undertaken in remote communities, and their implication to delivering successful projects.

  • Understanding the importance of clear, inclusive, systematic, and open stakeholder engagement throughout the project lifecycle to drive the delivering of successful project delivery.

  • Ability to establish project teams, develop project procedures, delivery guidelines, communicate at all levels and to translate the business objectives into clear, measurable, and reportable project outcomes.

  • Understanding and responding to the level of flexibility required by project teams to often manage the changing market demands placed on the business (Cost Reduction Program).

  • Proven understanding of project methodology, processes and quality control including occupational, health, safe environment and community consultation.

  • Detailed knowledge and application of design and project management methodologies including tollgates, monitoring, quality control, hazops, risk assessments and reporting including EPCM type.

  • Our sound knowledge of the local government acts and regulations and the Australian and International Standards which are applicable to the industries.

  • Formation of business alliances and ongoing negotiations for best rates for supply of equipment and services to our clients. 


Peer Engineering Services only uses consultants and service providers who are qualified and have the necessary experience.


Our business relationship with major equipment, piping, valve and instrumentation suppliers also ensures we can  supply the best equipment to suit client requirements at same or reduced prices. All procurements are managed through preparation of specifications,  quotes, and evaluation of quotes to ensure client gets the best at the cheapest cost.


Negotiations are ongoing with consultants and service providers in the industry for better rates that will be passed on to our clients.


All work is carried out by agreements and contracts in place with consultants and service providers to ensure commitment and quality.


Our Differentiators


Peer Engineering Services strives to reduce the cost of engineering. Through reduction of overheads, streamlining the way engineering is conducted and smart contracting methods, we have realised marked reductions in the cost of engineering. Our bases for success is in the following:


1. Provision of services at reduced costs while maintaining quality

2. Strict adherence to budget & schedules

3. Continuous improvements in all our activities

4. Constantly seeking and embracing new strategies and new technologies

5. Thinking outside the box


Health, Safety & Environment


Peer Engineering Services places an unwavering regard to the importance of health, safety and environment and this is an important component when undertaking any work. We will work to comply with all our clients' Health, safety & Environment policies. Peer Engineering requires the same commitment from its partnering consultants and service providers.




Peer Engineering Services is insured for professional indemnity and public / product liability. It only uses sub-contractors who are insured similarly. Insured sums can be increased if required to suit client or project requirements.

Making a huge difference to how much you can get done with your budget !


 Contact us today for any of your project and plant needs or for any enquiries about our services.